Yellow Alien Escape

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Nile followed this strange glowing light which had fallen from the sky the last night, but sadly he wasn’t able to find anything to where he suspected that strange thing landed, but he was going to check in the nearby area where an unoccupied house stands the next morning. And so he did that and he never thought he would do something like a rescue there for a thing which surely came from the stars!

Nile found this strange yellow creature and when he saw it, it immediately communicated with him through his mind! Nile thought he was going crazy. Well no for there was this creature in there and as the message said which he heard in his mind, it really did came from the stars and it’s communicating to him telepathically, right-now it needs help for it is currently trapped in there too. Nile cannot ensure his safety if he releases this creature whatever it is, but his curiosity is getting the best of him though and his mind his own business thing have been thrown out of the window. Escape players, Nile is going to release this strange creature from being trapped, want to help-out on this so we can see what we are dealing with here? Be ready then.

Yellow Alien Escape is a new outdoors creature rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Yellow Alien Escape

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