Yacht Watercraft Escape Game

Yacht Watercraft Escape

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Check this escape game out escape players, enjoy! Yacht Watercraft Escape is a brand new point and click escape game released by Ekey Games for more fun escapes with us. Best of luck everyone.

Baron had a job to check the contents of the yacht which was owned by a rich person and at times, the owner just comes and the docked ship must be ready then. Baron was a little-bit dozy that day, for it was quite hot and the tropical sun is absolutely beating down on everyone here. That day, Baron was now on schedule in checking the yacht for everything, but as he was in the vessel however, something happened which is now giving him a problem.

Baron was inside the yacht when suddenly, he could not get himself out of the cabin for the doors would not open! There's another problem as well, for the vessel somehow got unlatched from the docks and is now drifting in the waterways. Baron could not get the boat to move for the keys was outside and he doesn't know if there's a spare here inside. Baron needs to find his way out now for the situation here can be very dangerous in so many ways. Have fun with the escape adventure with Baron everyone, use your skills and logic as well.


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