X'mas Penguin Escape Game

X'mas Penguin Escape

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Your teacher gave you a Christmas break assignment about penguins. You want to spend Christmas vacation just like a vacation so you started working on it earlier. While you're searching the web, you saw an interesting article about penguins. It said that there's a penguin lost somewhere in Snow Mountain. You gasped upon reading the first part because you're only a few hours away from the location. So you continued reading on. The article stated that rescuers can't easily get closer to the animal because it is easily scared. Every time they go near the animal, it runs further away. You wanted to try helping the penguin so you proceeded to the Snow Mountain. However, you haven't tried your skill on birds before. Still you wanted to try and help. So you received a go signal from the rescuers.

The animal doesn't like too many people. So it ran away. And a cage caught it instantly. A mad scientist who wanted to know more about penguins made the cage to catch his subjects. However, he forgot to place an alarm so he still didn't know about his catch. Play X'mas Penguin Escape outdoor escape game by Games 4 Escape and quickly release the penguin.

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