Xmas Light Park Escape Game

Xmas Light Park Escape

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Winter has finally come and just in time when the decorations of the small forest park in the middle of the city is now done, now the place is shinning and the lights display there are just spectacular. Though it is bright, people still get lost in the place! Though it is reduced compared to when the lights are not installed, a lot more people get lost in there from those times. The reasons for it could be that the place is vast and not every area there is lit, as a resident of the place Toby can definitely relate to that for he often gets lost in there as well.

That night, Toby is positive that he won't for there are lights now and he'd know where to go, but that's just what he thoughts for when he ventured in there to see the lights, he got lost and the reason for that mainly is there were a lot of lights! How ironic, for the thing that he thought would keep him safe from getting lost, is the exact thing that confused him to the point of getting lost. Well Toby needs to adjust to that so he can get out of there quick. Escape players, imagine you are Toby in this situation here, will you be able to solve it with your skills and logic?

Xmas Light Park Escape is the newest point and click outdoor festive escape game created by Big Escape Games.

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