Xmas Cheese Stealer Rat Escape

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There is this creature which was a nightmare for cheese-makers there in the city, and that is this rat which was big but even so it always escapes from any trap being placed for it. People have used different methods in stopping this thing, but it is too smart and up to this day it continues to roam around stealing cheese. It’s Christmas at the moment and everything is being prepared for the occasion especially food, most especially cheese. And now the rat is out and about to steal some of those goodies. But it wasn’t just for her though but also for her family which is starting to grow bigger below the city. But that evening it seems the luck of this rat have just ran-out, for finally it got trapped in something!

Of course this rat was trying to escape as it got trapped in a shop there, she has the cheese now but she cannot escape. Escape players, you were hesitating at first in helping this rat, but then you thought it only wants to bring more food and joy to its family, and besides if you let it be inside that shop then it might destroy everything in there just to escape. Okay then, you need to free that rat here for now, and carefully too for they can be feisty when cornered or threatened.

Xmas Cheese Stealer Rat Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Xmas Cheese Stealer Rat Escape

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