Xmas Blue Dragon Escape

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It’s Christmas now and as the chief of this town, Allan was waiting for the blue dragon which comes from the snowy mountains just to visit them. This creature brings good luck to the people there and whenever it comes in Christmas time, the entire year for them becomes prosperous. This dragon is not really the one that’s big and majestic though, it is small and slow in flight, but people respect it and that had been the tradition for a century now. But that Christmas day though something seems to be wrong, for Allan waited for long now and the dragon still hasn’t come!

Allan is very concerned with this now, for at this point in time the dragon should already be frolicking around the place, but it is nowhere to be found. Allan will now begin in preparing for the occasion for he really can’t wait all day here, but as he went though he finally found the dragon! But unfortunately it is not in a good situation at the moment. Escape players, Allan came from waiting for the dragon to rescuing it here! For he just found it trapped inside a house there which was not occupied. Allan tried to open the door but he couldn’t, he needs to be delicate with this for the house is old and it might collapse hurting the dragon in the process. Okay, he is going to need some help here now. Want to help Allan here so he can free the blue dragon quickly and safely?

Xmas Blue Dragon Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Xmas Blue Dragon Escape

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