Xiomara Escape

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Natalia was waiting for her sister Xiomara to come home for she had just bought groceries and she cannot wait of the incoming food, well she is just a kid so she has nothing to think about but that and her gadgets. After a few hours, her sister finally arrives! Finally she can have what she asked for before Xiomara left. But there was a problem though, and that is prohibiting Xiomara to even enter the house!

The door is locked and Xiomara currently doesn’t have her keys to open it. What? Did she just leave it and left? Asked Natalia. Well, she can’t find it either, and she can’t really get anything if she doesn’t help here, if she doesn’t move right now then she’ll definitely get scolded here. Escape players, Natalia couldn’t open the door easily as well and Xiomara is getting uneasy and a little bit irritated outside, Natalia doesn’t want that for she owes her sister now. Will you be able to help on this then so that Xiomara can finally get inside quicker? Find items around the rooms then which can help tinker with the door here.

Xiomara Escape is the newest point and click house escape game from Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Xiomara Escape

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