World Cup 2018 Football Escape Game

World Cup 2018 Football Escape

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Sports events were really fun if you were just a spectator. You liked it but you didn't want to be a part of it. There was a part of you that wanted to play. However, you were more scared of being hurt than anything else. So despite your wish to play with friends, you just ended up watching them every time. You were not the best cheerer as well. You were simply just there. Then again, your friends didn't want you to stay that way forever. They would always invite you to watch sports games hoping that you would begin to look past your fears. Little did they know that you were beginning to be more and more interested in trying things out. But you wanted to surprise them with your progress. You still didn't want to play yet you wanted to be part of the match.

You enrolled yourself in various training to be part of the officials for various sports. Being active became part of your lifestyle and your friends slowly saw the change. Then to reveal the big surprise, you invited them to watch the World Cup 2018 Football game. You wanted to make a good impression. However, things seemed to be going the wrong path. Play World Cup 2018 Football Escape outdoor escape game by 8b Games.

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