Working Women Escape Game

Working Women Escape

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Try this rescue here everyone for a certain someone. Working Women Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Avm Games. Best of luck!

Working people here are very important in the village for they provide things at times and really, that is starting to elevate the place here. Among a few, there was this working woman who was so hardworking, she manages the home of her parents and she is doing a pretty good job with it, she was just a little girl once and now everyone is going in awe of what she had become. One of her neighbor's was June and he was just a simple guy, no education, but is trying his best to get the very sweet yes of the woman for way back when they were young, he had already been in-love with her, but now he knows his love is real. One day however, something happened to her and June was luckily alert for that!

The woman was trapped inside her home and she is alone for her parents left for an errand! June was a bit confused why was she trapped in her own home, but well she needs to be rescued now before something worst happens to her and maybe this can be a huge point for him. Escape players, June is going to need some help too, care to join-in and see if you can save that woman who was trapped? Go ahead then and keep finding clues!

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