Woodpecker Family Escape

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The forest which was near Drew’s home or rather, his home was in the forest itself, is a wonderland of streams. For there are streams snaking everywhere and that’s why the flora and fauna there really thrive. Drew also gets most of his supplies in the said forest, that’s why he really respects the place. Some of the hunters there however don’t do the respecting and even use illegal stuff on off season, he warns them to stop or else he’ll deal with them with force. Drew is not really afraid, for he had been in the area for years and long before everyone else started to live in there, that’s why some of them respects him for he is kind of an elder there. But one day as Drew roams around the place once again, he realized that there was another one who didn’t respect the rules of the place again, and he needs to deal with it now.

There was a trap along a path and it’s concealed, that’s okay that it is but the wrong thing however, it is big enough to capture a small bear or anything off season at the moment! This is not fair for everybody especially for the animals who are only just starting to increase their numbers from last season’s hunting. But it’s weird though that it didn’t catch anything substantial, instead it caught a group of woodpeckers and they are all trapped in there now! Maybe this was an accident? Very unlikely, and really Drew is seeing a not easily explained thing here. Still he’ll have to free those birds now and maybe find-out then who set the currently illegal trap here. Escape players, come place yourself on the shoes of Drew here then and see if you can help release those trapped woodpeckers.

Woodpecker Family Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Woodpecker Family Escape


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