Woodpecker Chick Escape Game

Woodpecker Chick Escape

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Woodpecker Chick Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by 8b Games for another daring rescue here in the lush wilderness. Good luck!

Beyond the lush mountains, there is a vast forest which people have labeled no-man's-land, for the place has endless illusions and nobody wants to get caught in it. The hint of that forest has not been discovered yet and it still remains a mystery, nobody knows why the place is like that, eluding weary travelers and the source of all of it are very much unknown. Kendra decided to uncover the mystery herself, she just disguised her true intentions as a hike through the forest. She doesn't want people stopping her and for months she had been convincing everyone she knows to go with her, but all they did was indeed stop her and say no. After careful planning and preparations, she is off.

Kendra traveled the mountainous forest for hours until, she started to notice some weird apparitions and the first thing she thought those were real! But it was actually a sign that she finally arrived. Now, Kendra was on the search for the source of these enchantments but instead, she was faced with something that needs her help! This time though it wasn't an illusion and she knows that, what she did not believe was what kind of thing asked for her help. Escape players, you can try this rescue adventure here with Kendra, find-out whatever it is and have fun on this adventure.


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