Woodland Hills Escape Game

Woodland Hills Escape

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Paul just woke-up in the woods and he thought to himself then, how? Did he sleep walk again? If so then that's crazy! For he is currently staying at the small town just at the base of the mountains and he is now overlooking at it! How did he get so far overnight? Did the people there just carried him and left him there? That's also crazy! But it's not impossible though and there is a chance too that he slept-walked all the way to where he was. At the moment, Paul can find nothing but forests and a small shed there just near him, it looked like a comfort room or something and it's pretty weird for there seems to be no houses around. Paul decided then, whatever this situation is he needs to get out of it and return to the town, that's if he can navigate first though.

Escape players, want to join Paul here as he escapes from where he is in the woods and safely too? Use whatever you can find that's necessary so you can return quickly to where Paul was staying.

Woodland Hills Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by Selfdefiant.

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