Woodland Forest Escape Game

Woodland Forest Escape

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The woodland forest was where you first saw your friend. He was a year older than you and he was in-charge of your group. They had been to the woodland for a couple of times already. So your teacher asked for their assistance. You only saw him from afar at first. Though you had been quite foolish to tell your best friend about how good looking he was. You didn't know that they were friends and your secret may have leaked to him already. Your friend just couldn't stay quiet when it came to this kind of stuff. But you were somehow thankful that your friend was being obvious about it. It made him relax around you and just go with your craziness. However your friendship didn't last very long. His parents separation caused him to transfer school and you hadn't seen him for a year.

Then he went back to the school but he wasn't the same. He still looked so good yet it seemed like his warmth towards you disappeared. You really wanted to remember how it was when everything was well between you. So you went back to the woodland to reminisce. But you couldn't find the way out anymore. Play Woodland Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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