Wooden Palace Escape Game

Wooden Palace Escape

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You're walking on the streets wearing a traditional costume. You really like the feeling of going back in time and having a feel of their life. Some people even stop by to take pictures with you. It may be a bit of a hassle to stop once in a while. However, you also like the attention you're getting. People are gathering in groups to have their picture taken. When suddenly, one man rushes towards you and drags you somewhere. You can't see clearly with all the dust your dragged feet made. You open your eyes and see a very old structure of a wooden palace. Looking at your costume, you're meant to be here. You don't know what he wants. But he makes sure you're in a certain position. You try asking him but he gives you a sharp look that makes you close your mouth.

After a while, everything went dark an silent. You try to break it but you can't. You grasp around but there's nothing. A few seconds pass and you can see. You're in the same place but with the owner staring at you. You instantly realize you don't belong here and you need to escape fast. Wooden Palace Escape is an outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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