Wooden House Game

Wooden House

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It's late at night and it's raining hard. Unfortunately, you don't have an umbrella to protect you. You really need somewhere to stay for while. Thankfully, you saw this wooden house nearby and its door is open. So, you took the advantage to enter the house. Moments later, the rain finally stopped. You can now get out from the house but when you are about to leave, a strong wind passed by and shut the door. The owner is not at home so there's no one that can help you to escape. Because of this, you have to find your own way to escape from the house. There are objects in this house that you can use to open the door. You have to look around and find the useful ones. Another good thing is that, there are clues that can help you to solve this puzzle quickly.

But most importantly, you have to use your logic to open the door. The owner might come home anytime soon so you have to escape quickly. Play this brand new point n' click outdoor escape game from Enagames and try to escape from the Wooden House as fast as you can. Best of luck!

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