Wooden Floor Room Escape Game

Wooden Floor Room Escape

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The once luxurious wooden house located near the city is pretty antique, they didn't want to put the place down for it is as old as the city and it would be a shame to do so. Instead, they only add new rooms in there to store the antique furniture safely and so those can be free from the elements. That day, Arnold was set to check the place especially the furniture for as a specialist, he was tasked to do so just to preserve everything. Arnold was in the new preservation rooms for maybe a hundredth time already, he can't really count all of that but he had been in the job for years so he knows if the furniture and the place is deteriorating or not. As he did his job there however, something happened and it's a first after years of working in the place!

Arnold could no longer get himself out of the room for all of the doors won't open even though he tried hard! He also called for somebody but it seems that nobody can hear him. He doesn't really know what happened, he can only speculate that somebody might have accidentally locked the doors, it's bad enough that the locks in the outside cannot be opened from the inside, but Arnold worked there for years already so he might have a way. Escape players, come and play as Arnold here and see if you can all escape the wooden furniture room without damaging anything.

Wooden Floor Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games.

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