Wooden Floor House Escape Game

Wooden Floor House Escape

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Lewis turned his once wooden and poorly decorated house into a modern place! It costed a lot both time and money but in the end one day, the place was finally finished. Lewis is moving tomorrow and for the day, he is just looking around his premises seeing what he can do or what he can add to increase the house's comfort, everything was fine when suddenly, he realized something bad and it was totally weird for he couldn't explain how it even happened!

Lewis got trapped in his house for he can't open the doors anymore and he is just confused why it wouldn't. The last thing Lewis wanted to do is destroy his door here, but he is still going to do whatever he can to open the locked-door as relaxed as possible. Escape players, Lewis really wanted to know what happened in his place now and surely he is going to need some help. Care to join in the house escape here with Lewis and see if you can find another way out of his luxurious house? Go ahead then and be ready on what you might find.

Wooden Floor House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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