Wooden Doors Escape Game

Wooden Doors Escape

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The wooden house sits quietly now, for the man who had lived there who was Anton's friend had just passed. As his only neighbor, he was the only one who keeps him company at times and they share hunts whenever possible, but the guy was old so his time was naturally nearer than his. That day, Anton was looking through the guy's stuff in the house just to find any information if he has family that can take care of all of these stuff, he never mentioned anything to Anton about it so he is left with information searching.

Anton was around the rooms after an hour and still nothing, and then there was something! For a weird occurrence had just happened to the doors in the house and now he can't escape! Anton has no idea what happened but somehow he has a bad feeling about this. Is there actually a trap in the house? Or the place could be haunted? Which is which? Well whatever the answer is he needs to get himself out of there still for he already has a bad feeling about this situation, that means this can get worst. Escape players, play as Anton here on this escape and try your best to see if it's good enough.

Wooden Doors Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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