Wooden Cottage Room Escape Game

Wooden Cottage Room Escape

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Ron inherited his father's wooden cabin upon his passing, it's sad but somebody has to keep and not abandon the place for there are a lot of things there that can be used and some even has deep memories. Ron decided to just let it be where his father had left it, but he still cleans-up the place occasionally for unwanted trash and dust. The place was great and is perfectly livable, it's even cozy on winters. Ron decided to live there just for the week to reiterate himself, but with all that relaxing time however a concerning and confusing occasion came along with it!

Ron got trapped inside the house and he thought the door might be busted enough for it to get jammed. That is the advantage of having a ton of tools in the place, maybe he can use something hidden in one of the rooms and pry the thing open, also the tools can be used then to fix it so it will never happen again. Escape players, Ron shouldn't destroy anything there but because he is in some trouble, he comes-up with no other choice but to tinker with the door. Will you help him out and see if your skills can be enough?

Try this challenge out and see if you can make it. Wooden Cottage Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Genie Fun Games.

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