Wooden Cottage Escape 2 Game

Wooden Cottage Escape 2

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Your grandparents own a wooden cottage on the mountains. They used to stay here during maple syrup season. Going here is always a treat for you'll be able to smell the syrup. And your most favorite part is tasting the food made with it. The place brings you so many good memories. Whenever you feel so stress with your work, you always make time to visit the cottage. But it's empty now. Your grandparents already bid you goodbye almost a decade now. But the cottage is well taken care of. It's still in very good condition. And you feel so lucky to have it since you made it into your secret place. No one from your work knows about it. And your relatives understand your need for it. So you visit the place once more to air out your negativity until the sweet memories clear them.

You go all the way to the attic and look out the window. Only few people are passing by the cottage and the steady flow of the maple syrup is such a treat to watch. However, you must have forgotten to lubricate the hinges of the doors. Wooden Cottage Escape 2 room escape game by Toll Free Games may bring you sweet memories or bitter one.

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