Wooden Apartment Escape Game

Wooden Apartment Escape

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Raine cannot afford a house for her family so she just got this cheap apartment but it has a wooden design which doesn't look cheap at all. There must be a catch here why it was so cheap, but will she refuse such an offer as this? Raine decided to check the place first for maybe there is an inconvenience there which made the room much affordable, but she was given a reason by the owner that they need a tenant there so it can make money even though it is cheap, at least there is income. Good enough for Raine then, but as she was about to leave to tell her family however, she got caught into a problem which could be the reason why the place is okay for a cheap price.

Raine could not open the doors of the place for it seems jammed! She tried her best but none of her efforts would work however, she really can't destroy the door here or she'll risk an additional pay, maybe there is something that can help her solve the problem. Escape players, there might be one or two ways here that can open that door, you'll just have to be clever enough to spot it. Join Raine then and may you be able to escape from the house with a beautiful design of decorative wood.

Wooden Apartment Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games.

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