Wood Land Escape Game

Wood Land Escape

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Your dream house was the kind that would welcome home fairies and other creatures. Ever since you were young, you already had a clear picture of what your house would look like. And you kept on improving it as the years went by. However, you also realized that the more designs you add, the harder it was to materialize it. You always went to various auctions, garage sales, and other events hoping to find cheaper pieces to add to your house. Then again, you wanted the designs to have cohesion. And so you have to find a huge source of the same material. You couldn't find those in the city since they had limited wood. Your other option would be to visit the woods to look for your own items. As you explored the woods, you began to feel that it was the perfect location for your house.

So you began to scout some free areas where you could possible build your house. However, there were lots of factors to consider. This made you move further inside the woods. Then you finally found the materials you needed and the location you wanted. Yet you lost your way in the process. Play Wood Land Escape outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games.

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  1. Date: March 8, 2018
    Author: Paula
    love it!!

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