Wood Duck Escape Game

Wood Duck Escape

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Smith just got a new duck and it was of a rare species, he didn't want to lose this one for it had been shipped from far away and it just arrived at his house, that's why he had been very careful in trying to open the initial pack and when he was able to, he can now see the duck and it is alive and seems to be well. But there was a problem though as he tries to open the final crate for he somehow couldn't, it had some weird lock on it and as it looks, Smith needs to be clever just to open it.

Smith knows that the duck is stressed now from its travel and he doesn't want it to get stressed even more, so he needs to be slow as well as careful here and quickly too for such an animal is not suitable in small quarters for long. Escape players, Smith here needs to see the full elegance of his newly acquired rare duck here but the crate where it is in is not allowing him to do so. Will you help him with this so that the duck can then adjust to its new home? Find items then around the house which can potentially get this thing to open.

Wood Duck Escape is a brand new point and click animal escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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