Wombat Escape From House Game

Wombat Escape From House

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Mark is currently moving around his area where small to medium houses can be found, that's because he is on the search for his pet wombat and he is just praying that the little critter is not trapped again. Mark is definitely going to lock those houses next-time for if it is trapped then he might have no other choice but to crack it open. Well guess that day he might, for he found his wombat trapped in one of the houses!

Mark was right and even from the start he already had some suspicions for his wombat there doesn't really take a break from being hyperactive. Mark is going to get it out of there now and once again, he'll have to use the most docile of his ways just to save the house where the wombat is trapped. Escape players, will you be able to get Mark's pet out using as such? That would mean finding a key there and just about anything to unlock the door without busting it. Go ahead then and give this a go, may it be successful so that the wombat can eat for it's already feeding time.

Wombat Escape From House is a brand new point and click pet rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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