Wolverine Escape From Hut House

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Nate just arrived at his forest house for he visits there every month just to check, and then back he goes to the city for work and other errands. But that day though he will discover something different there, a thing he did not expect but actually happened. Nate forgot that he actually engaged his vermin trap inside the house when he last visited, and when he got inside there was a creature in it and what startling thing Nate just saw there!

Nate didn’t only just capture something, he captured a wolverine! Nate did not expect to be catching such a creature, and good thing it was still alive! Nate is a bit shaken for he just realized he actually left the engaged trap unattended and he even captured a not so typical animal there. How did it get inside of his place anyways? Escape players, Nate needs to get this wolverine out for it’s most likely starving now, will you help him with this then? Be very careful, for any creature that feels threatened will always defend itself.

Wolverine Escape From Hut House is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Wolverine Escape From Hut House


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