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Wolf Escape

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Rebecca kept her job despite the stresses she experienced. You would visit her and bring her treats when you had time. She rarely went home due to her busy schedule. And you wanted to help her out in any way you could. One of her patients was your friend. Although he was nearing recovery, you still wanted him to be under Rebecca's watch. She never let her patients miss a treatment. And so in turn, you also did your best to help her out as much as you can. She would sometimes get a ride from you. You would even sleep at her house at times. She would be too tired to do house chores. So you would offer your help to her. And she would always accept it. Things were most of the time normal in her house. But weird things happened as well.

She was sleeping soundly when she suddenly woke up and told you about her dream. She was so serious that you knew she must be in her mind all these time. Then she dragged you somewhere and asked for your help to end the war, help the wolf, and help her patients get better. You knew nothing of what she was talking about but you were ready to help. Play Wolf Escape outdoor escape game by Zoo Zoo Games.

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