Woeful Hurt Bird Escape

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Animals are just going in and out of the palace and frolicking around the village, that’s why the king had installed traps around the seat of power of the place so that these wandering animals can be captured and sent back to the forest where they came from. But guess they need to regulate these things though, for nowadays the traps even captures fascinating animals like rare birds and reptiles. Well, that’s what they all face now for their kingdom is mostly surrounded by a thick forest. That day even, the cage have captured another rare-looking bird and this one seems to be hurt!

As a castle guard who saw this, Armando will just set the bird free himself for the creature seems to be a little battered, probably from trying to escape. And because he is gentle to wildlife, he will just do this for the cleaners are often too rough with these captured animals and surely this one will not survive if hurt even more. Escape players, Armando will be freeing this bird but he has to do that slowly, will you be able to help as well and see if you can get the bird out as gently as possible?

Woeful Hurt Bird Escape is a new animal rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.

Walkthrough video for Woeful Hurt Bird Escape


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