Woeful Dragon Escape

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A lot of strange things have already happened in the village there, that’s why when some unheard of thing happens there, people just go very uneasy then. As one of the villagers there, Damien is hoping the uneasiness will just disappear, for actually he has a friend and it’s one that the people there would definitely not accept.

Damien befriended a baby dragon in the forest one day when he ventured in there to hunt! He was definitely not mystified too much when he saw it, he even tried to shoot it! But then he made second thoughts, for the animal was already majestic despite it still being young. The rest was history for the two got close and Damien felt more safe whenever he goes into the forest to either hunt or frolic. But that day however, he never thought he’ll find his dragon in the village, but it’s not in a good state though, for currently it is trapped inside a cage! Damien almost cried when he saw that, for the dragon was really close to him now, but he needs to compose himself or he will get caught and persecuted by the people there for befriending such a beast. Damien needs to do something now and that is to free his dragon, but the question is how though? Will you be able to help Damien here escape players so he can do this quick and without getting caught?

Woeful Dragon Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

Walkthrough video for Woeful Dragon Escape


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