Wizard Village Escape Game

Wizard Village Escape

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Wizard Village Escape is an escape game in which you live in a kingdom, which is split in two by some wizard. One part is dominated by a good wizard and the other one by an evil wizard. The good wizard was taking care of a magical unicorn, until one day when the bad wizard kidnapped it. Now the unicorn is trapped in the scary house of the bad wizard. But you need to rescue it, to restore the kindness in world. Even if this mission is very scary, you have to use all your skills and intelligence and try to escape the unicorn. Good luck!



  1. Date: December 22, 2015
    Author: Drifter
    since Windows 10, I get a black screen for almost all your games.. I have latest flash player and all updates.
    • Date: December 28, 2015
      Author: ainars
      Sadly I cannot check this Games 2 Jolly game in Windows 10.

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