Witch Scarlet Castle Escape Game

Witch Scarlet Castle Escape

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The scarlet castle which are segmented castles all over the area where it all stands have long since been abandoned well at least by normal people though, for now the one that resides in it is a single person and she is a real-live witch! People have been trying to pursue her for a long-time, but the area however is cursed and anyone who enters have a high chance of getting lost or becomes crazy of the horrors there! That's why for decades, the area had been cordoned and if anyone is courageous enough to enter the place, they should take the risk on their own for nobody will help them. But one day as for the case of Tucker who went to the place and he has no idea what he got himself into, he is now experiencing the curse of the place and everything for him suddenly became not so easy!

Tucker is now in the witch's area and when he saw the scarlet castle, he is starting to remember something like from the stories and warnings before entering the wilderness, there is a huge chance he is in the witch's place and in all actuality, he absolutely is. Escape players, Tucker is experiencing his mind slowly declining, that is now the curse and that's why he needs to escape from where he is right now! Come and join him then and be ready for the challenges for such will not be easy.

Witch Scarlet Castle Escape is a brand new point and click scary escape game released by Games 2 Rule.

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