Witch Owl Escape

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Clarence had a really good friend who lives in the wilderness, but she is not a typical friend however for that person was a witch! The witch was a witch of light and she brings peace and balance to nature, but whenever a person becomes harsh to it, she definitely brings-down punishments for those kinds of persons. Clarence was kind to nature and that is why the witch gives him random stuff as presents, one day she even gave another and that was a little owl which upon Clarence’s first glance, he knew that the owl was special.

Clarence took-care of the owl and day by day, it had progress of growth, what a fast growing thing indeed and maybe in a few years it might be big enough so he can ride on it. But not everyday was perfect though, for when Clarence was about to feed the owl, it got accidentally startled and as a result it flew around the house! Clarence knew then where it went and he is definitely sure it got inside that room which was hard to open, and it indeed it did. Okay, looks like Clarence here has a challenge for the day, he must free his owl from the room before it panics even more and hurts itself. Escape players, come and try this rescue adventure here with Clarence for his owl. May your skills and logic be enough for this one.

Witch Owl Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by 8b Games.