Witch House Rescue Game

Witch House Rescue
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It's getting late at night and you still can't find your way home. You know for sure that it's very dangerous to stay outside at night time. So even though you are shy, you knocked on the white house. You wish that the owner is nice enough to let you it. It left you no choice but to do this. Besides, the house looks so nice and pure so you feel that you are safe in here. Thankfully, the owner looks really nice. She lets you in without any second thoughts. By the time that you got in, she gave you a tea and something to eat. She looks really nice but when the midnight strikes, the nice lady turned into a witch. The look of this white house is indeed deceiving. This witch doesn't just wants you to be a guest, she also wants you for dinner.

You would rather spend the night outside of this house. However, escaping from the room is not that easy. There are puzzles that you first have to solve before the witch let you go. Witch House Rescue is a brand new room escape game from Genie Fun Games that will test your logic. Good luck!

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