Wisconsin 2022

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Dom knows his house is very near the borderline of Wisconsin, but that day though he found himself in Wisconsin and he have no idea how he even got there! Dom knows where he currently was is Wisconsin, for there are signs everywhere saying that he indeed was. Luckily Dom has some friends there, he only needs to go in one of their ranches and ask help, maybe borrowing a horse in their farms just so he can get home?

Dom is seriously thinking how crazy was this situation he magically got himself into, he has no answer whatsoever what just occurred but he is determined to get home though. Escape players, will you help Dom here get home by assisting in various ways there?

Wisconsin 2022 is the newest point-and-click area escape game from Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for Wisconsin 2022

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Tired of slow
Tired of slow
1 month ago

I don’t know why self defiant games are so slow. It’s not my internet.