Winter Hut Escape Game

Winter Hut Escape

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You came to this place at the wrong season. During this season, the inhabitants are somewhere else making a living. However, they keep this place for they will return in winter. Although you would have wanted to talk to them, exploring their place is fine for now. You search for your camera inside your pocket. This visit also doubles as documentation so you might as well get some work done. You look around the hut with not much to see. So instead, you express your guesses on how people lives here in the winter. You just have to check it with the inhabitants later when you meet them. After you short talk, you continue to film the things inside the hut. For more content, you begin expressing your thoughts on the things you see as well. It's fun for you that you didn't notice the time.

You walk towards the door to leave the place and come back later. But then something interesting catches your eyes once more. So you spend a few more minutes before heading to the door. You reach out for the knob. However, the knob will not turn. Play Winter Hut Escape room escape game by Mouse City.


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