Winter Crazy Door Escape Game

Winter Crazy Door Escape

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Winter is blowing outside but as for Polo however, he is still tackling the crazy door escape room here for he just wants to break the record of the place of someone who had the fastest time in escaping the house. Polo is starting to feel the difficulty of the house's door for clues are starting to get scarcer and items to be used to escape are harder to find. Will Polo still be able to escape and with haste too in-order to become the champion of this escape house?

Escape players, come and join Polo here who has a goal of escaping the place the quickest! Want that title as well? Place yourself on Polo's shoes then if so, try your very best to escape by using everything you'll find in the rooms even Christmas decorations. It's not going to be easy now knowing that the fastest time is ridiculously quick, well none is ever easy if one has a goal, but indeed it is achievable though.

Come and test your skills as well as your logic here on this escape adventure then! Winter Crazy Door Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Games 4 Escape.

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