Winter Christmas 2016 Game

Winter Christmas 2016
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You always wanted to see a penguin but unfortunately, you have to go to Antarctica to see them. So you got excited when you heard about the AVM Games Winter Christmas Escape Game Competition 2016. It's an annual escape contest and everyone is welcome to join. You saw the price for this game and it looks fun so you signed up and join. There are four houses and only one house has the secret key. That secret key is the key that can open the price box which contains a ticket to Antarctica, all expenses paid plus a chance to meet the penguins. Obviously, whoever finds the secret key will win the game. The twist is, there are puzzles in every house that you should solve to open the door.

But you should not worry because there are clues that can help you to solve those puzzles. There is also a time limit so you have to find the key before the time runs out. You shall collect items that you can use to unlock the door. Make penguins as an inspiration to win the game. This is once in a lifetime opportunity so you better do your best. Winter Christmas 2016 is the newest outdoor escape game by AVM Games. Good luck and have fun!

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  1. Date: December 25, 2016
    Author: dewed
    The 7 colors thing didn't work for me. Purple was in the clue but not the puzzle.

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