Winter Beach Escape Game

Winter Beach Escape

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You were at the beach on a recliner dreaming about the polar regions even though you are in a tropical area. After a while, you woke-up and reiterated yourself, you then planned to maybe go on a polar trip the next year, for it is actually nice even though it's just a dream. You looked around and expected to find your friends near you, but none of them were there and in-fact, no people are around and you are alone in the coastal area! You were very confused upon waking-up and even more when you found nobody around, guess you'll have to find them for you really don't want to be pranked, and this looks like one from your friends.

Escape players, imagine you are in the situation, will you be able to navigate the place and find your friends somewhere wherever they are? Or what about finding familiar grounds and navigate from there? Come and test your skills here then and be ready for this challenge which might have been perpetrated by your friends.

Come and test your skills here everyone in the relaxing beach area. Winter Beach Escape is the newest point and click coastal escape game from Selfdefiant.

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