Winsome Dove Escape Game

Winsome Dove Escape

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Mateo's only communication to his family who lives in some other village from where he is, is this homing dove which was not only different in appearance, but also was mischievous! No matter how Mateo trains this bird to not become like that, it would still do that. It's stubborn as heck but at least it gets the job done in delivering messages all of the time. One day however, this dove of his got in trouble and he knows it, for it hasn't been back yet and he knows it had gone out to do some mischief again, or probably wooing female doves from its looks! That dove again.

Mateo was forced to look around and maybe it's in some real trouble there, and to his shock it was definitely in one! It was trapped in some man-made thingy Mateo couldn't distinguish or maybe, it had been purposely caught thanks to its looks! Well there is this mischievous thing it does too like stealing shiny things, but the reason could be anything. Either way he will still rescue his dove. Escape players, want to help Mateo here rescue his dove before it breaks a wing or two?

Winsome Dove Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.


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