Winsome Board Escape Game

Winsome Board Escape

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The venue where the board meeting will be held is in some winsome hall which Jerry doesn't even know, but he is a part of that meeting though and because he already has a rank in the company, he had to be picked-up and taken to the venue. After half an hour of traveling, Jerry and the people who picked him up arrived at a place which was familiar to him, Jerry thought then there was no beautiful structure around but why were they there? Just when Jerry was about to get ready for a fight, he was directed to a small passage which looked normal, but then where it led was to the place they were trying to get to and it's absolutely grand!

Jerry was confused why they had to resort in such a luxurious yet hidden place for the meeting. The meeting went in a fancy room there and was over in a while but nothing serious happened, there wasn't even illegal being talked about or anything, but even then Jerry felt there was something not right in there, so he continued to look around the hall for not only the place is beautiful, but he'd like to know more why it was hidden. Little did he know he is going to experience something there and he is definitely going to need some help only from you escape players! Care to join and see if you can help?

Winsome Board Escape is brand new point and click hall escape game released by Ekey Games.

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