Wildlife Park Escape Game

Wildlife Park Escape
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The wildlife reserve is one huge park but even though there is a trail there where humans can pass, one must not let their guard down as they venture in the place, for wild animals especially huge predatory ones can mistake a person as food or a threat and attack. That's why it is always safer to go on a journey there in threes. As a person who was on his first day as a ranger in the wildlife park, Anton is still learning the ropes from his seniors there but after an unfortunate chain of events however, he got himself in-trouble and that's by getting lost in the long paths of the reserve!

It is common practice for the workers there to present a little initiation to the newbie but never as such happened before like what Anton is experiencing, now in his situation he no longer thinks of it as a prank or something, this is getting serious due to the fact that the reserve's path can go for miles and there are a range of animals there which can really kill a human. Escape players, Anton is going to need some help in getting back to base, he knows he is being searched for by his co-workers but he has a lot of chances being found if he kept moving to the direction of the station houses. Come and join in the escape here with Anton everyone, be very careful as you go.

Wildlife Park Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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