Wild Moon Christmas

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You were staying at a house in the forest. There were many helpers during the day until the end of supper. But when the guests were in their beds, the helpers exit the place. You really wondered where they were going as you couldn’t see any other structures around. So one night, you staked out through your window to see where they were going. The place was a bit Victorian. And torches lit up places. You followed the light until the edge of the forest. And then, they all disappeared. You thought the helpers would find a hard time navigating through the forest. Or do they all just vanish upon nearing the edge. You couldn’t keep still with what you saw. And you felt that you just had to know the answer to the mystery you brought upon yourself. So you went out to do some sleuthing.

You reached the edge of the forest and waited to vanish. But you were still solid which made you move deeper inside. You heard from the helpers that this place was also known as Wild Moon. You were hoping that since it was Christmas, thing should’ve lightened up a bit. Yet it was just dim and it didn’t do well with your navigation skills. And so you got lost. Play Wild Moon Christmas outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.