Wild Fox Rescue From Cage Game

Wild Fox Rescue From Cage

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Everybody wants to know what does the fox says. It came to the point that people became aggressive about it. It's not only that they stay in the forest 7 times a week. But also, they capture a fox because of their intention. You know for sure that this is not good for the fox especially if it's a wild fox. They need to stay in the forest because it is where they belong. With this, you have to help the fox to escape from the cage. The hunters did this to the fox and you have to find a way to rescue it. Since you don't have the key that can open the cage, you have to gather objects that you can use to unlock it.

The good news is, the things that you need are already in the forest. All you have to do is to move around and collect those. There are also clues that can help you to solve this puzzle quickly. You just have to use your logic to rescue the wild fox successfully. Wild Fox Rescue From Cage is a brand new outdoor escape game from Avm Games and rescue the fox as fast as you can. Best of luck!

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