Wild Fox Forest Escape

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The only thing that you want to know is what does the fox says. Because of that, you went to the forest and looked for a fox. After few hours of hunting, you finally saw one. This fox looks so nice and his fur is just so amazing. You would love to touch the fox more than to hear what he says. However, you realized that this fox is wild and you saw him hunt for food. From that moment on, you knew that you have to get away from this wild fox. The problem is, there are so many paths in the forest. In short, you don’t know which way to go. Thankfully, there are clues along the way that can help you to find the right track. However, there are puzzles along the way that you need to solve before you can finally escape from the forest.

Those puzzles are not that easy but there are hints that can help you with those. Because of that, the only thing that you have to do is to use your logic to escape from this forest. Wild Fox Forest Escape is a brand new outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule. Best of luck!