Wild Dog Escape

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The village is now low on manpower for people have suddenly moved someplace in just a span of a year! All of them have different reasons and in the end there were only a few people left in the area and that includes Hanson. As he looks at the now quiet place, he is starting to think maybe he should move too? Well he would be giving-up all this peace to a place he doesn’t even know and he’ll have to adjust again. Well maybe he’ll stay with the company of his dog, but that day though it seems that his dog had left as well!

Well he couldn’t conclude on that for his dog might just be around the unoccupied houses there being an animal as it is, more so for his dog isn’t really a typical domesticated one, for it’s a wild dog! Hanson came looking for it still for the animal might get lost and he needs to feed it now. As he was passing-by one of the houses though, he found-out that his wild dog was in some trouble in there! Guess it was a good thing that he went looking for it, and now he needs to help it. Escape players, want to know what happened to Hanson’s wild dog and see if you can help? Go ahead then and test your skills here as well.

Wild Dog Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Wild Dog Escape

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