Wild Chameleon Forest Escape Game

Wild Chameleon Forest Escape

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The moment you heard the song with a lyrics involving chameleons, you knew you'd love it. It was very catchy and the music video was cool as well. You really enjoyed singing it and you could play over and over again. Your friend heard this song and asked you if you had seen a chameleon. You answered of course. There were tons of pictures of the creature. But your friend was talking about a real one. You slowly shook your head and immediately told him you were not interested. However, he was emphasizing how amazing these animals were. You knew they were amazing but you still didn't want to be near them. They may be totally harmless. But their skin and big eyes just freaked you out. Your friend promised to accompany you to see them for real and maybe have a new appreciation for them.

He was so persistent that you agreed. You drove for a couple of kilometers until you reached the Wild Chameleon Forest. You shot him a sharp look at the sight of the word wild. He smiled gently and told you that everything would be fine. You went inside ahead since he needed to register your visit. But he wasn't able to meet you when you lost your way. Play Wild Chameleon Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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