Wild Bear Escape Game

Wild Bear Escape

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When your parents heard what you want to do with your life, they almost kicked you out of your house. They couldn't believe that you wanted to be an animal rescuer. You went to prestigious schools and even graduated with high honors. Your parents gave you a comfortable life hoping you would become a doctor or a lawyer. But you simply love animals and you felt like saving them was more worthwhile. Then again, your parents simply couldn't understand you. So instead of waiting to be kicked out, you moved out. And found yourself a place to stay. It was like a coincidence that the place you stayed at is near an animal shelter. One of the things they do was rescuing animals. You couldn't wait to finally be able to save an animal's life. Then a request came to you to save a wild bear.

You signed a waiver and went off to find the bear. It was inside a cage and you could feel your heart breaking into million pieces. But when you looked at it in the eye, you can somehow feel like you know the bear. It was like the bear knew you too. However, you shook the thought off and just concentrated on searching for ways to help the bear out. Play Wild Bear Escape outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

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