Wifi Hotel Room Escape Game

Wifi Hotel Room Escape

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Wifi Hotel Room Escape is another great escape game where you have to repair the wifi in the hotel and get away with your car. At first let me introduce you the antecedent of the story. One day you were sitting at home when you realized you hadn't been anywhere with your wife to relax since your last wedding anniversary. You couldn't really afford it because you were a spy for your country and your job demanded the constant availability. This time you asked your boss if he could allow you to go somewhere for a couple of days. He accepted your request so the next week you were already in a luxurious wellness hotel. One day when you went to your room to take a nap you glanced on your phone. Atext message ordered you to go into your office urgently. You didn't want to leave the hotel so you decided to discuss it with your boss on the internet but you found it wrong. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to repair it, then go away with your car if it is still necessary. Good luck!


  1. Date: August 26, 2014
    Author: Bobbx
    To open the drawer in the first room, use the gear from the corner of the room!

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