Wide Engine Room Escape Game

Wide Engine Room Escape

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Wide Engine Room Escape is the newest point and click cabin escape game from Genie Fun Games. Have fun finding your way out of the mechanisms of the ship!

Radio just called and the message was from the owner of the huge luxurious yacht, he and his family wanted to go to the private resort which they own and as a worker of the sea vessel's engines, Tucker readied everything for it's going to be a bit of a long journey to that place, the engine must be intact and worthy for the last thing they want is engine trouble in the middle of the ocean. Tucker checks everything from fuel, to oil, and even some safety processes, everything seems to be good and he is positive there won't be a problem. Well as Tucker finishes-up down the engine rooms, he didn't realize at all that the problem was actually on him!

Tucker could not open the hatches of the engine room for it seems like they have all been shut locked from the outside! Oh my this is not good, now Tucker is having a bad feeling about this. But he is the master of the engine room here, there should be another way out that he only knows of. Escape players, you are welcome to try this engine room escape with Tucker, find clues and valuable tools which can help you escape.

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