White Rabbit Family Escape

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Serena doesn’t really get involved with her father’s works there in the farm, but that day she got very convinced to do something there. As she was looking around her father’s truck just being a kid and all, she saw an entire family of white rabbits inside a cage on the back! She felt pity for the rabbits, it was so much so that she eventually decided to free them!

Serena shouldn’t do that, but she is just a kid and as a person who loves and cares for animals, she thought they shouldn’t be in a cage, so she is going to get them animals out. Escape players, Serena is going to get that family out from the cage, want to help her then even though this was a bad idea?

White Rabbit Family Escape is another new point-and-click animal rescue escape game made by Fastrack Games.

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Walkthrough video for White Rabbit Family Escape

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