White Peacock Rescue

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After travelling for five hours via bus, you finally reached your destination. But just when you thought your vehicle ride was over, it was not. You needed to ride the van to reach the area. It was a huge piece of land. It was a forest and a resort. You usually wouldn’t be in such places since you enjoyed the authentic ones. Yet a tour around the area was immediately offered. You decided to delay your judgment and just see the place first. The air slowly began to cool and so was your judgment on the place. You passed by some endangered species. And you saw how people cared for them. It was nice to see they were serious with their cause. Then you also passed by the rows and rows of plants organically planted. A smile slowly grew on your lips.

Your mind was made up to staying here and giving the place a chance. However, you saw some cages. You thought they were just simply decorations. But as the tour got closer, you saw that it contained a white peacock. You immediately stopped the vehicle and got out to free the peacock. Play White Peacock Rescue outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.